All  About Us

We're a home-based catering business located in Palmwoods, in the beautiful Sunshine Coast Hinterland. 

Operating out of our standalone commercial production kitchen which is situated at the rear of our property - for this we owe our thanks to our very good friend and qualified builder, Peter Ross, of Project Reno Homes. 
Peter worked patiently to create for us a busy little slice of heaven to work from!

The Thistle in the Woods concept was born from two chefs who were ready to explore their own food styles, and inject their personalities into the business. 
There is something comforting about wholesome food and the company of friends and family in your own home. This is a cornerstone of our business philosophy.

The Thistle Team

Nick Berglind Profile - Thistle in the Woods


Left school thinking about a career in Astronomy, and decided to become a chef. 

“Dunno where the last 20 years went working as a chef. But the step from behind the scenes to running our own business has given me a new respect for food, cooking and relationships on all levels.” 


Sam, Always keen on cake-making and patissier work, a qualified chef, teacher aide and childcare supervisor, finally has the chance to indulge her passions.
Sam Berglind Profile - Thistle in the Woods
Will Berglind Profile - Thistle in the Woods


In training to become a pilot one day, our delivery driver in training.


Our dreamer, model, keen waitperson, and quality control officer!
Libby Berglind Profile - Thistle in the Woods

The Crew

Jodie, Russ, Jazzi, Jack all ready to throw on a shirt and help out.
The Thistle in the Woods Crew hard at work
Jodie and Jazzi - Thistle in the Woods
Jack - Thistle in the Woods

The Kitchen

Our vision included this purpose-built commercial kitchen - this enables us to prepare and cook delicious, nourishing food for our clients and guests, right in our backyard! 

Having these premises also ensures we are able to adhere to the highest food hygiene and food safety standards as we have commercial fridges, ovens and storage facilities. 

Below are just a few images of a vision realised!

The Finished Product!

Thistle in the Woods Commercial Kitchen Sunshine Coast

Need something tasty 
for your next function?

The Rest of the Story

Why the Thistle?
The Scotch Thistle, which adorns our inherited house name plate “Cadzow”, is our mascot, incidentally located in Palmwoods, Sunshine Coast, QLD (the “Woods”)

The Sunshine Coast has so much to offer in terms of lifestyle and produce. We moved to the hinterland in 2011 for a change from the grind of city living. Thistle represents the culmination of reuniting our family under the one roof to create that balance of work and living.

Local Produce ... Yes Please!
We are blessed with so many innovative small producers of exceptional products and services on the Sunshine Coast. 

It's as simple as being able to make a phone call and have fresh honey and honeycomb from Palmwoods turn up at your door, hand-picked organic roses from Eudlo, or making tomato chutney from freshly harvested tomatoes from a friend's acreage.

Laser cut cake toppers from Mooloolah Valley, fudge from Montville
Just a taste of delights from so close to us.

Smiles and Satisfied Tummies are our Specialty!

Fully Qualified Chefs

Serviced or Drop Off Options

Extensive Delicious Menus

 Sunshine Coast Caterers
6 Collins Ln, Palmwoods, 
Sunshine Coast QLD 4555
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