Serviced Catering

Choose from our fully serviced menus - the complete gourmet dining experience in a sit-down shared style, or go with more of a relaxed stand up affair for your upcoming function.

Read on below for more details on each of our serviced catering menu options:
Sit Down Dinner Catering - Thistle in the Woods

Sit Down Events

For a more complete dining experience, but in a share style setting, our sitdown menu can be enjoyed as either a selection of tapas style dishes as a perfect lunch event, or a more traditional main meal and sides served in bowls and on boards down the middle of the table.

We also offer this as an intimate dinner for two, with a private chef coming to your home for that quiet night in.

We offer the option of adding some canapes or grazing to go with pre-dinner drinks or adding a sweet selection to complete the evening.

We aim to make it an easy experience so you can be kicked out of the kitchen for the night and become a guest in your own home.
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Salmon Nori Rolls - Thistle in the Woods

Stand Up Events

Our relaxed canape, slider and bowl food service for events where your guests are moving about and socializing, with the food following the guest.

We don’t do fancy little bite size food, we should warn you.

This style of service suits a broad range of events. Family events where you don’t want the formality of a sitdown meal, but with our bowl food you still get the fullness of a meal. Corporate events such as the opening of a venue, an after work retirement party, or a neighbourhood get together.

The menu consists of both hot and cold canapes, sliders for that step up in size, then our bowl food which gives you a chance to sample from our sitdown menu selections as a small portion.
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Grazing Table with Flowers - Thistle in the Woods

Grazing Tables & Platters

Our grazing tables and plates are the perfect accompanyment to any event - we offer a delicious range of platters, stations and sweets to cater for every tastebud!
Covid note - Service currently only offered as a delivery service pending further advice.
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Fully Qualified Chefs

Serviced or Drop Off Options

Extensive Delicious Menus

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