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Please note that we are temporarily discontinuing our Cake Making service due to being crazy busy with our other catering services!

The good news is that we are still offering sweets packages - you can check these options through our Entertainers or Grazing Menu pages!
Sam's Cakes are an expression of her personality. Happy, fun, whimsy, edited, un-edited, subtle, in-your-face outrageous!

The deal is, every cake has its own story. She has her wheelhouse cakes and is keen to be challenged to a custom cake or two, but no two cakes will ever be the same, she loves to give each cake a personality too.
Sam describes her cake style as rustic, chic boho ( no spiderman cakes here soz!)

No packet mixes, Sam has been refining her recipes over the last few years and has settled on a variety of muds and red velvet (in a word....Moist!)

Sam uses an American Buttercream to cover her cakes with a strong vanilla flavour (no perfectly white butter creams here...)

Quality ingredients are important, Couvetures from Callebaut, free range eggs, organic flowers from Eudlo, our own dehydrated edible garnishes

And don't forget our ever popular cupcakes and booze box!.....Flavours and styles will vary with each box.

All cakes contain allergens including Almond flour, dairy, eggs and gluten. 
We don't make vegan or gluten free as there are so many great bakers out there that specialize in this.

However all our treats box with our Thistle rocky road and brownie are gluten free.
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